Support Business Execution

No miscommunications, no distractions, and no time wasted. CUBES HR is a strategic and process supporting tool, easy to operate and underpinning all the important processes of your human resources.

Operate on a Strategic Level
Support talents and create success

Make top management work strategic and secure the best utility of employees. Manage all employees up through your organisation, create company goals and KPI's, and have the whole organisation support your strategy and follow up on execution.

CUBES Enabling People
Enabling People is the Business Strategy of the Future
Align HR and business execution with your overall strategy
Only 5 percent of all companies characterise their talent management system as completely developed. The philosophy of CUBES software is to make all competencies of your organisation visible and searchable – and thereby strategic. Make your first step towards global human relations and consolidation. Allow human resources to spend their time on growth rather than on menial tasks.

Enable people of your organisation by giving them access to data, insight and make business execution easy. By making the employees generate all important and critical HR data, communication failures are minimised and resources from HR and top management are freed-up to be applied to development and strategy throughout the organisation.

Accurate and Reliable Data

Keep Things Simple

Consolidate all your data into one database and gain instant analytical benefits, higher productivity and more efficient business operations.

CUBES simplifies your way to gain insights about the workforce and business processes, while being the tool that makes master data of your company accurate and reliable.

Turn Data into Information

Unit Databases

CUBES HR enables the transformation of data into useful and relevant information. If your company is challenged by information systems that do not cooperate properly, CUBES HR is your solution.CUBES HR enables the top management to work strategically through insights into the organisation via living, interactive information.
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CUBES awarded for Exceptional Growth
Beating the financial downturn

In the midst of the financial crisis, CUBES software leaped forward, securing marked shares at an increasingly rapid rate.

The extraordinaire achievement against the general decline of the marked was honoured by one of the leading financial outlets in Denmark, Dagbladet Børsen, with a coveted award.

Based on four consecutive positive financial statements and a doubling of the revenue in the same period, CUBES software was awarded the "Gazelle 2013" prize.

This is a great symbol of the growth CUBES is experiencing.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Every human being has a right to lead a dignified life

We are recognising the need for a sustainable future and we are actively leveraging our core expertise. CUBES is supplying humanitarian agencies with HR management solutions free of charge. Humanitarian agencies are mainly financed by donations from ordinary people who want to strengthen the world’s poorest people in their struggle to lead a dignified.

CUBES shares the donator’s beliefs and hopes and we are helping humanitarian agencies to be as effective as possible.

CUBES HR ensures that redundant administrative operations are overtaken by intelligent software and that employees of humanitarian agencies have the best tools to achieve the most out of the donated funds.

At CUBES, we believe that humanitarian agencies should not pay to be able to maximise their efforts. That is why we offer our software free of charge.

Every human being has a right to lead a dignified life.